Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Web Startup Group

Today, we founded the Web Startup Group to bring together people interested in creating new sites and services online. Group members include web developers (programmers and designers), marketing and business-minded individuals, creative idea people, and others with technology related skills. The group intends to meet regularly to discuss and make these ideas come to life.

If you are here at BYU and are interested in making a difference online then come join us!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Social Capital, Nan Lin

This is a great book that provides a sociologist's perspective on social capital.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Google Releases a Browser

Google Chrome is the new Web browser that was just released for Windows. It is much faster, elegant, and easy to use than Firefox, IE, and Safari. After using it for a day, the I love everything about it except for the following:
  • It is not available for Mac yet (currently only for Windows)
  • Nifty plug-ins are not yet available (Firefox wins here)
I would predict that the above shortcomings will be quickly overcome and Google will end up having the dominant browser.  If interested, learn more about the features of Google Chrome or why they decided to build a new browser.  

Update: as you probably guessed, development of Mac and Linux versions is underway.  Sign up to be notified when Mac or Linux versions are ready for download. 

Google's Picassa 3 (Beta)

Picassa 3 is now available which has some pretty nice updates. Watch the video above to hear about what has been added. I just wish they had a Mac version available as it is superior to iPhoto. (Note: The current release is still Beta, which means that there will likely be a few minor bugs here and there.)