Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Book List: Social Capital

In my quest to better understand how sociologists view social capital, I visited the library and checked out the following books:
  • Structural holes : the social structure of competition Burt, Ronald S.
  • Brokerage and closure : an introduction to social capital Burt, Ronald S.
  • Applied network analysis : a methodological introduction Burt, Ronald S.
  • Social capital : theory and research Lin, Nan
  • New social ties : contemporary connections in a fragmented society Chambers, Deborah.
  • Complex social networks Vega-Redondo, Fernando.
  • Effective small group and team communication Hoover, Judith D. (Judith Davis)
  • The role of social capital in development : an empirical assessment Grootaert, Christiaan
  • Social capital : a theory of social structure and action Lin, Nan
  • The well-connected community : a networking approach to community development Gilchrist, Alison.
  • The Analysis of social interactions : methods, issues, and illustrations Cairns, Robert B.
Of course, I won't have time to read all of these books from cover to cover. However, I do plan on reading enough to understand how they define, calculate, and show the presence of social capital.

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