Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nifty Data Technique

Google Spreadsheets now added some nifty ways to auto-fill data. For instance, rather than typing all of the days or months, you can simply type two or three, select them, and then drag the little blue square in the bottom right corner of the selection. Then, the rest of the days or months will be populated below. That is nice, but what I think is much more interesting, is that you can click and drag holding while down Ctrl (Windows and Linux) or Option (Mac) to pull data from Google Sets. So, in the image below, I only filled in the first three rows of each column. Then, I used the former technique to auto-fill the first three columns and the latter technique (holding down Ctrl or Option) to auto-fill the extra twelve rows.

Nowadays, software developers, such as Google, have a great opportunity to utilize the ginormous pile of data available online. The data that individuals generate is ever increasing and can be extraordinarily useful.

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