Thursday, October 30, 2008

PIKM - rough notes

Session 1: Chair - Prasan Roy
A SQL Database System for Solving Constraints
An interesting take on enhancing SQL to solve constraint problems
Acquiring Advanced Properties in Ontology Mapping
Using ontologies to improve knowledge management
Social Capital in Online Communities
This was my presentation. ;)

Session 2: Chair - Aparna Varde
Concept Search in Urdu - interesting challenges. He proposes to write a language specific stemmer to be used for the Urdu language
Topic Models and a Revisit of Text-related Applications
An Extended Cooperative Transaction Model for XML

Session 3: Chair - Anisoara Nica
The Benefit of additional Semantics in Folksonomy Systems
Exploiting additional context in folksonomies (
Ideas: GroupMe, Social HITS, Automating MOAT, relations between tag assignments
MOAT - Meaning of a Tag (automatic MOAT using context of resource), MOAT server, DBPedia
A Microscopic View on Community Detection in Complex Networks - No Show
Towards Privacy-Preserving Integration of Distributed Heterogeneous Data
Privacy-Perserving Data Sharing Architecture. Pawel Jurczyk presented a fairly complex system which hopes to solve the problem of preserving privacy when sharing data. This approach could be applied to hospitals that wish to share data in order to make use of one another's data.
Concurrency Control and Recovery for Multiversion Database Structures
Tuukka Haapasalo ( proposes a solution for multiversion databases. Propositions: 1) extend B-Trees: TSBT, Transactional MVBT, or 2) Two-dimensional R-tree.


ft said...

Where can I get your presentation/text on social capital in online communities ? I currently do research on this topic and would like to know about your work.


Matt Smith said...

My papers and presentations are posted here:

ft said...

This site is accessible to ACM members only. Could you publish them on Slideshare or send me a PM, please ?

Thanks in advance,

Matt Smith said...

The site is accessible to anyone. The publications and presentations are all available for download. Keep me posted should you have anymore trouble.