Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tolerance and Acceptance

Dr. Barbara Culatta gave an excellent devotional today on being tolerant and accepting people around you. She effectively discussed the seven tips below:
  1. Look for Commonalities
  2. Accept People Where They Are
  3. Reflect on Goodness in Other Religions
  4. See Differences as Part of Life
  5. Value What We Can Learn From Others
  6. Serve People from Different Faith and Backgrounds
  7. Give a Soft Response When Criticized
Each of these suggestions (with the exception of #1) encourages us to build "bridging" relationships with people different from us. Tip #1 reminds us that in order to effectively build bridging relationships, we need at least some common ground. When it gets right down to it, we have something in common with everyone (e.g., we are all human beings, we all need food and water). Bridging social capital increases as we establish these types of relationships. Bridging capital is usually harder to obtain as it requires more effort to establish, yet, it is often more rewarding since it gives connecting parties access to resources and information that they otherwise would not have.

These useful tips that can help us be more effective at building these bridges, which improve our social networks.

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