Tuesday, April 01, 2008

SIP Recap - Thursday

Here is a recap from the Social Information Processing Symposium:
  1. Brian Skyrms (UCI), Signaling Games: Some Dynamics of Evolution and Learning
  2. John Nicholson (USU), The Blind Leading the Blind: Toward Collaborative Online Route Information
  3. Cosma Shalizi (CMU), Social Media as Windows on the Social Life of the Mind
  4. Gustavo Glusman (Systems Biologist), Users, photos, groups, words: Analyzing mixed networks on Flickr
  5. Luc Steels (Vrije U), Social tagging in community memories
  6. Aram Galstyan (USC/ISI), Influence Propagation in Modular Networks
  7. Adam Anthony (UMBC), Generative Models for Clustering: The Next Generation
  8. Peter Pirolli (PARC), A Probabilistic Model of Semantics in Social Information Foraging
  9. Hak-Lae Kim (DERI), int.ere.st: Building a Tag Sharing Service with the SCOT Ontology
  10. Yu Zhang (Zhejiang U), Mining Target Marketing Groups From Users' Web of Trust on Epinions
  11. Andrei Broder (Yahoo), Reviewing the Reviewers: Characerizing Biases and Competencies using Socially Meaningful Attributes (see Sihem Amer-Yahia)

The Wednesday talks were excellent. In particular, I really enjoyed:
  • The subtleties of the blind leading the blind (see 2 above)
  • Gustavo's unique way of analyzing Flickr relationships (see 4)
  • Adam Anthony's overview of generative models that can be used in clustering (see 7)
  • Pirolli's analysis of Lostpedia using LDA (see 8)
  • Hak-Lae Kim's tag aggregator application (see 9)
  • The use of socially meaningful attributes as presented by Yahoo's Andrei Broder (see 11)

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